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Friday News

This week's photo is by: Karen Parker

Administration Updates:

Board of Directors Updates:

We extend our gratitude to outgoing board members Mark and Gary for their valuable contributions. Join us in welcoming our new board members, Tanya McTeer and Brian Feehan. We appreciate all applicants for their time and interest. To those considering future involvement, your commitment is invaluable—stay engaged and consider running in the next election. Thank you for being a part of our community's growth and success.

The website will be updated with the incoming member's information shortly. 

Did You Know?: Part one of two!

With the recent influx of animal calls to Public Safety and the social media conversations, we thought it was a good time to reiterate the importance of our policies regarding animals in a two part contribution to the Friday News. 

A. PET POLICY 1. The Pickens County, Georgia, Animal Control Ordinances apply within Bent Tree and can be enforced by the Pickens County Sheriff’s Department or other appropriate enforcement agency. It is the duty of every custodian of an animal in the county to comply with such ordinances. Those ordinances are separate from, and not repeated in, this document. 2. Violation of the BTCI Pet Policy is subject to a monetary fine. 3. While on common property, every custodian of an animal must be prepared to present Public Safety with the rabies tag number, upon Public Safety’s request. 4. No pet shall be allowed on the golf course or golf cart paths during Golf Pro Shop hours. All pets are banned from the tennis courts, pools, and beach area (defined below). 5. Leash Exceptions for Dogs: Dogs may run and play off-leash on one’s personal property and at the Paws n Play Dog Park. In the area on Tamarack Drive commonly known as the Spillway, dogs may run, play, and swim off-leash from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Spillway Leash Exception times may be further restricted during Youth Fest Week. Dogs are not allowed off leash on common property except as designated above. Dogs must remain under the custodian’s control (i.e. physical or voice restraint), even while off-leash, whether on private lots or common property. 6. Public Safety will notify Pickens County dangerous dog control officer when any animal is deemed to be dangerous, vicious, or having caused bodily harm. 7. Beach Area Rules: a. The beach area is bounded on the west by the lake, on the north by the parking area fence closest to the lake and the pavilion restrooms, on the east by Tamarack    Drive and on the south by the lake. It includes everything in between including the sandy beach, the adjoining parking lots, and the pavilion. b. For safety and health reasons, pets are prohibited from being in the beach area at any time.  

Public Safety Updates:


Last Friday, Bent Tree Fire & Rescue responded to a residential structure fire on Alpine Drive. The fire was discovered and reported by the involved resident, who had safely evacuated her home. Our team responded in Bent Tree FD Engine 33 and was on scene almost immediately. Initial response officers, SGT Peters and PSO Thuma, took quick decisive actions to connect to a nearby hydrant, initiate pumping, and prepare a charged hoseline for entry. Off-duty Bent Tree firefighters arrived shortly thereafter along with volunteer firefighters Mark Christensen, Megan Leathers, and Patrick McMorrow. Pickens and Jasper Fire Departments also responded. A fire attack team assembled, made entry, and the fire was quickly extinguished. Thank you to all firefighters involved in this great team effort that minimized the damage caused by this fire.

This incident was the 4th structure fire within our community during 2023 and capped off an unprecedented year of fire activity. All four incidents featured Bent Tree FD Engine 33 as the primary apparatus on scene. Engine 33 has been a major difference maker and was certainly acquired at the right time. Bent Tree Fire & Rescue is proud to be able to provide an immediate, dedicated response to protect life and property within Bent Tree. Minutes and even seconds count during fire and medical emergencies, and we want all residents to know that our department stands ready to respond to your needs.

A great way start your new year… mark your calendars. This is our 2nd time hosting this event. These athletes are amazing! Hope you’ll join us on the 25th, even just as a spectator. It’ll be fun. Truly a great way to connect with others.

Please remember to pay your GHIN dues for the 2024 season. The cost is $40 for the year. All handicap access will be deactivated January 15th and reactivated for the year upon payment.

The Annual Icebreaker tournament is scheduled for January 13th. Make sure to find a partner and sign up no later than close of business Thursday, January 11th.

We invite you and you family to join us for breakfast on Saturday mornings! We have some news coming next week about Sunday Brunch and some other fun dining options!

News From Bent Tree Realty

News From the Activities Committee

Stay up to date with all things BTAC on the Bent Tree website! Just click the button for our committee page. 

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News from the Animal Shelter

This friendly boy cat has been hanging around South View Trail area for a while. He was brought to the shelter yesterday. He is friendly and looks very healthy. If he is your cat or you know whose cat he might be please call or text 678-414-1047.

Thank you for the cat litter and food donations. With so many residents we are in constant need of both.

Thank you Everyone for supporting our animal shelter.

Please come meet our family and see if one of ours should become one of yours 😻🐶.


News from Lake & Wildlife


All residents are invited to join the fun and informative programs focused on topics of interest to nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Learn more about L&W at

January 6th – no Partners Program in January. Spend some time catching up on programs you might have missed last year, check them out on the Bent Tree Lake & Wildlife You Tube Channel

February 3rd – Bird and Wildlife Photography with Mark Harvell

March 2nd – Black Bears presented by Appalachian Georgia Friends of the Bears

Programs are Saturday mornings at 9 am for coffee and donuts, 9:30 program start. We meet in the lower level of Club Tamarack.

News from The Stables

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