What's Happening in Bent Tree
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Friday News
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Photo by Peggy Hunt

Administration Notices
Road Paving: Paving has begun. Moonshine Bend will be the first road on their list.  They will then move up the mountain to Big Stump, Little Hendriks Peak, and Bald Eagle Bend. The first 2-3 weeks of work will be dedicated to that area of the mountain. There will be no paving of driveways.

Mulch: There is mulch at the quarry available for residents to pick up for free. You may also coordinate with admin to get a small dump truck load delivered for $125.

Sign Orders: Production has begun, and we will see installations in the next 1-3 weeks. The company will be sending proofs if you requested them, they will be emailed to you as we receive them.

Pools Closed: Pools are closed for the season (Memorial Day to Labor Day).

echo Submissions: We have been getting a lot of submissions the last couple of months which is great! It's a good time to remind everyone of the echo submission policies. You can find these in the echo each month, and they are outlined below. With the number of submissions, we will not be able to edit these for you, they will be sent back until the criteria is met.

echo Submission Policy
The following describes the policy guidelines regarding articles/photos/graphics submitted

for publication in the echo. Submissions which do not adhere to these guidelines may, at the
sole discretion of the Editor be returned to the submitter or omitted from publication.

Deadline Date
Submissions are due to the Editor at
by 4 p.m. on or before the seventh
of each month prior to the publication month.
Submissions sent to any other email address

will not be considered.

All articles must be submitted via email, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced in
MS Word (or similar) format. Please use built-in double spacing options instead of typing
extra returns at the end of each line. We have to go through and manually remove them. Any
article received not double spaced will be returned to submitter for correction. All articles
must include the author’s name. A contact phone number must be included in the email.

Do not send embedded photos. Submissions including embedded photos will be returned
to the submitter for correction.  Most modern equipment has settings you can adjust in the
image quality menu to medium or high size. We suggest you set your camera to the highest
image quality setting. Note that photos that are attractive online may not be of high enough
quality for print. If a photo is not of adequate size for print, it will be omitted.  Include with
your photo a suggested caption including names of any people in the photo, left to right.  Use
of stock photography is discouraged, except where it is the only option available.  It is the
sole responsibility of the submitter to obtain any photo release(s) which may be required.

Photo Locations
When wanting a photo to appear in a specific location of an article, merely write insert
‘golfeventpic JDoe 1 here’ with appropriately named photo.  See Naming Files section.

Naming Files
Multiple files included in a single submission should have corresponding filenames.
For example, photos submitted with the article should be named in the following manner
- (Name of photo to match title of article, capitalized first letter of first name, followed by
capitalized first letter of last name, with the remainder of the last name of the photographer,
followed by number of photo.) For example, an article named golfevent.doc that has two
accompanying photos would be named golfeventpic JDoe1.jpg, golfeventpic JDoe2.jpg
Captions should be written at the bottom of the article and should reference their
corresponding photos.  For example, golfeventpic JDoe 1 - John Doe at a tournament.

It is the sole responsibility of the author to ensure accuracy of all information included in
any article or event promotional material submitted for publication in the echo. Articles shall
reflect correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Any submission with other than a minor
amount of correction required may, at the sole discretion of the Editor be rejected.

Letters to the Editor
The current policy of the Board of Directors is that we do not include Letters to the Editor in
the echo.

Political Articles
The current policy of the Board of Directors is that we do not include political articles in
the echo.

In consideration that there may be space constraints and the publisher is not able to
include all submitted articles/photos/graphics, organizations submitting multiple items for
publication should inform the Editor of their preferred priority. If no priority is provided,
selection of items to be omitted will be at the sole discretion of the Editor. The Editor
reserves the right to condense lengthy articles or to omit pictures as necessary to manage
available space
Paving the Way for Better Bent Tree Roads

Please join us for a Town Hall Meeting on September 13th at 7:00 at the Lower Level of Club Tamarack. Find other important information below.
Follow Bent Tree Public Safety on Facebook
Look for updates coming soon regarding Club Tamarack.

Hours for specials are listed on the website.

Find updated menus for the Tavern and Club prior to the Friday News on the website here: Tavern - (

Follow The Tavern on Facebook and Instagram
The 2023 Bent Tree Matchplay Team Tournament took place from May to September with over 21 teams competing. The final took place on Saturday September 2nd between Laird Carmichael/Rick Santia & Scott Price/Dennis Martin. In the end, Laird and Rick came out victorious with a 4 & 3 win over Scott and Dennis. Congratulations Laird & Rick!

Golf Shop Hours:
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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The Bent Tree Activities Committee invites you to join us for our upcoming events and activities! Our incredible group of volunteers stay busy keeping Bent Tree filled with fun opportunities to meet your neighbors. Please be sure you are a member of the Bent Tree website and stay up to date on all things BTAC by using our calendar and the Activities Commitee page! Keep reading to see what's new.

Bring your dishes, utensils, tablecloth and beverage.


Fall Festival Sept. 30! Plans in the Works

Would you like to be a volunteer helper?

Short Meeting Sunday, Sept. 10, 3:00 p.m.

Club Tamarack Fireside Lounge

Interested please attend and Pick your Spot

FALL FESTIVAL TICKETS FOR SEPTEMBER 30 ON SALE NOW!  See any BTAC Chairperson or visit the Tavern every Tue, Thur, & Fri from 11:00 - 12:00.

Vacation Condo Needed for Silent Auction: Click Here

Chili/Soup Cook Off Registration: Click Here

Baked Goodies Donations: Sign Up Here

Silent Auction Items Now being Accepted!


Be sure to stay up to date on all things BTAC on the Bent Tree website here:
Activities - (


Smokey, our Bent Tree shelter pup needs to find a home. He is up to date on his shots, about 10 months old, and heart worm negative. We have a spay date set for him. Smokey loves everyone he meets and wants to play with every dog he sees.
Our kittens are adorable!! They are the most loving, playful kittens. They need loving inside homes as do our grown cats.Please give us a call or text to come meet our pup, kittens and cats. 678-414-1047.

Lake & Wildlife Announcements
KBTB Organizational Meeting
Sunday, Sept. 17 - Fireside Lounge - 1:00pm
Everyone is invited to plan the upcoming landscaping for our common grounds
Bring a friend and lets make Bent Tree Beautiful

To schedule a trail ride, please call the stables at 706-692-6322

All submissions for Friday News must be emailed to by 2 p.m. on Thursdays.
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