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Welcome to Bent Tree!
Turtles – Be on the Lookout!

Turtles will be very active over the next few months. Please be very watchful for them as you drive both in and out of our community. A turtle in the road often looks like a large rock or leaf from afar, so it takes attentiveness to spot one before it’s too late. Turtles tend to be most active in roadways in the morning or after it rains. Please follow the guidance below to help protect these great creatures.

· Obey the community speed limit of 20 MPH and pay close attention.

· If you encounter a turtle on the road and want to help it cross, stop your vehicle in a safe location and activate your hazards. Your safety and that of other drivers comes first.

· Turtles should be moved safely across the road in the same direction they were heading. They should not be relocated or taken home. Some turtles are not designed to survive in the water, so please do not place a turtle in the lake.

· Do not pick up a turtle by its tail. You could cause a fatal injury. Most turtles can be picked up by cupping your fingers under the middle of their shell with your thumbs on top of the shell. Snapping turtles should not be moved that way. They have long necks and can bite you!

· If you find any turtle in the road and are not comfortable helping it across, notify our team to assist at 770-893-2628 and try to remain on scene until we arrive.

Follow this link to our website to access a short video on how to safely move a snapping turtle. Snapping Turtles

Friday, May 5th- Lobster Fest     $29.95

Roasted Lobster, lobster bruschetta and lobster macaroni served with roasted red potatoes.

Weekly Specials

Saturday, May 6th-     $29.95

Beef chateaubriand medallions with a béarnaise sauce served with lemon zest asparagus, roasted red potatoes, salad and rolls.

Sunday, May 7th-     $16.95

Brunch at Club Tamarack.   

Golf Shop Hours:
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Thank you to all who came to our Open House last Sunday.  We really appreciate your support and the kitties loved all the extra attention.  Our goal is to find everyone of these babies a wonderful home.  We have been donated these brand new dog beds and retractable leashes that we are selling as well as our t-shirts as a fund raiser for medical and supply needs for our shelter.

Lake & Wildlife
Lake Tamarack History

     What are Lake Tamarack’s origins and what was here before it? What’s that big blue thing on the dam? Is our lake healthy now and how might it evolve in the future?

Join L&W for this and more that you need to know about Lake Tamarack!

       Saturday, May 6th Club Tamarack Lower Level
9-9:30 am coffee and donuts, 9:30 am program start

All residents are welcome!

NATURE EXPLORERS – for the children

May 6th at 2 pm at the Sallie Doss Nature Center
Led by Barbara Collier

We are learning how SNAGS and FALLEN TREES support the woodland ecosystem and provide so much for the wildlife that we value here in Bent Tree. Kids will share their experiences and art at the June L&W meeting so all of Bent Tree can better understand the importance of this often-overlooked part of our forests. Parents, make plans to attend with your kids, we bet you learn a lot too!


Registration begins May 25th
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