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Friday News

This week's photo is by: Tony Young

Administration Updates:

Message from the General Manager:

Following the Community Vision Survey, a Vision Plan Ad-Hoc Committee was created in October 2023.  The Vision Committee has met regularly to formulate a long-range master plan for our community.  Originally, it was hopeful the plan would be presented to the community in January 2024.  However, details of the plan are still being developed in conjunction with the Board of Directors.  The plan will be released to the community prior to the approvals process sometime in the future. 

Message from the AC Coordinator:

All Christmas lights should have been removed by two weeks after Christmas, i.e. January 10th, 2024.  If you haven't taken them down, please do so this weekend.

Board of Directors Updates:

The Bent Tree Board of Directors will be holding a Monthly Board Work Session on Tuesday, January 16, 2024 in the Recreation Room at Club Tamarack at 9 am.

This is an in person meeting and will be videoed for later viewing.

A link of the recorded meeting will be sent out next Friday in the Friday News.  

Please click here for the agenda.

Comments to the board should be sent via email to
Comments to administration should be sent to

Did You Know?: Part two!

With the recent influx of animal calls to Public Safety and the social media conversations, we thought it was a good time to reiterate the importance of our policies regarding animals in a two part contribution to the Friday News. 

8. Paws n Play Dog Park Rules 

a. Daily hours of operation: Sunrise to sunset 

b. All dogs must be properly vaccinated. 

c. Dog owner/handler is legally and financially responsible for the actions of their dogs. 

d. Use the Dog Park at your own risk. 

e. Dogs must be attended at all times. 

f. The following dogs are not allowed in the Dog Park: 1) Vicious, dangerous, or aggressive dogs 2) Sick dogs 3) Dogs in heat 4) Puppies under six (6) months of age 

g. Children must be at least eight (8) years of age and accompanied by a parent or guardian to enter the Dog Park. At no time will children be allowed to run with or chase after dogs in the park. 

h. Limit of three (3) dogs per handler, per visit. .

i. Small dog off-leash area is limited to dogs weighing 30 pounds or less. 

j. Large dog off-leash area is open to dogs of all sizes. 

k. Dogs must be kept on leash until inside the double-gated entry. 

l. Remove pet toys when you exit. 

m. Aggressive/unruly dogs must be removed immediately. 

n. Excessive barking is strongly discouraged. 

o. Owners/handlers are responsible for the immediate clean up and proper disposal of waste left by their dogs and must cover any holes dug by their dogs. Waste bags are provided. 

p. Other than bottled water, no food, drinks, tobacco, or alcohol allowed in the off leash area. 

q. For emergencies, call 911. 

r. All bites must be reported to Bent Tree Public Safety (770-893-2628) and Pickens County Environmental Health (706-253-0900). 

s. Violators are subject to removal from the Dog Park and suspension of park privileges. 

9. Private Property Rules - All pets are prohibited from entering the private property of others without the owner’s consent.

Public Safety Updates:


As we return to somewhat of a “normal” after the major wind and rain event Monday night, we are already preparing for another event. Monday night began with a significant brushfire on Cutthroat Ridge caused by a sparking transformer. Approximately 10 Bent Tree firefighters responded to this incident, mostly from off-duty. Units on duty arrived quickly with Bent Tree Engine 33 to utilize as the primary apparatus, with an apparatus and crew from Pickens County FD arriving a short time later to assist.

Thanks to the quick and overwhelming response from all units, this fire was brought under control before it became a major threat to nearby homes. Make no mistake…there were homes in the area of this fire, and the outcome could have been much different if it were not promptly reported and responded to without delay. Prior to even clearing that incident, another fire was reported in the Sharp Top section of Bent Tree. Units cleared the initial fire as they were able and responded to the second report, which was ultimately determined to be a false alarm. Remember to dial 911 first to report emergencies, and our team will automatically be notified.

After the fire incidents, the powerful winds brought down a multitude of trees, large limbs, and powerlines affecting nearly all Bent Tree roads to some extent. Public Safety cleared what they could overnight and continued throughout Tuesday with tremendous assistance from Road Maintenance staff. Amicalola EMC worked until very late Tuesday night to clear blockages involving downed lines and restore power. It was a great team effort.

We have another similar severe weather incident forecasted for today. The forecast includes heavy rain, strong winds, thunderstorms, and the potential for hail and isolated tornados. And next week carries a stronger chance for impactful snow than we have had so far this winter. Please PREPARE NOW for these potential major weather incidents. Below is a link with very valuable prep information that has been sent out several times.


It’s always a good time to learn something new. We conducted a beginners clinic on Wednesday afternoon with Karen Rooker’s Pilates class. After an hour of stretching, they hit the courts for a new adventure. We discussed some rules, safety concerns, and proper shoe attire, then issued paddles to each one.

Every one of them picked up on the sport quickly(no surprise here, almost everyone does) and was hitting the ball well in a very short amount of time. They all said it was fun, and surprising how much exercise you get without realizing it. Please consider learning yourself. Thank you Karen Rooker for organizing. Please reach out to the Courts at Bent Tree 770-893-2623 to learn how I can help.

Bob Coleman
Courts Professional

I hope everyone had a great, relaxing time during the Holidays and has now found a perfect reason to play golf, so you can burn off all those extra calories you consumed the past few months (Don’t lie, I see some of you on a daily basis!!)

I want to address some of the changes that have been going on with regards to the golf shop the past several months. As of January 1st, 2024, Bent Tree will now own the golf shop. I will still be the pro here and will be in charge of ordering and receiving for the shop. This will free me up to be able to spend more time keeping in touch with the rest of the golf operation, meeting and greeting, playing with the membership more often and developing the programs that are in place. We do still plan on doing shop credit for all golf events, that way we can offer Bent Tree members the best deal on golf clubs and all other items while still improving the experience at the shop.

All in all it has been a good change and I am expecting 2024 to be even better than ever before. I will be working with Taree on getting a survey out to the community to understand better what you all would like to see in the shop going forward, so keep an eye out for it, I’m looking forward to seeing the response.

Other than that, come down and play some golf, we want to boost those rounds and see more faces out here!

Please take some time to read this article on our very own John Leach!

Upcoming Renovations Notice:

During the period from 1/15 to 1/19, The Tavern will be temporarily closed for renovations.

  • Lunch Service (10:30 AM - 3:30 PM) at Club Tamarack:

    • Dates: 1/16, 1/17, 1/18, 1/19, 1/23, 1/24, 1/25, 1/26, 1/27
  • Breakfast Service (7:30 AM - 12:00 PM) at Club Tamarack:

    • Dates: 1/20, 1/21, 1/28, 1/29

Please note: During this period, we'll be offering a slightly more limited menu. Please see below.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to unveiling an improved dining experience at The Tavern after the renovations.

News From Bent Tree Realty

News From the Activities Committee

Stay up to date with all things BTAC on the Bent Tree website! Just click the button for our committee page. 

Click Here

Winter Ball Meeting:
Volunteer Meeting for the Inaugural Winter Ball

Saturday, January 20th

10:30 AM - Fireside Lounge

Everyone Welcome! 

No talent necessary - a little or a lot we would love your help!

News from the Animal Shelter

“Black, black, black is the color of my true love’s hair”
Who remembers those lyrics from an old folk song?
Well, if black is the color of your true love’s hair you need to come meet the black-haired loves at our shelter.

Bunco, Vapor, Snickers, Lovie, Freedom and Willie are all black or black with tuxedo white. They are all beautiful  and up for adoption. Come meet them and all our loves .
678-414-1047. Text or call.

Thank you all for your support of our Bent Tree Animal Shelter.

News from Lake & Wildlife

Professional photographer and wildlife enthusiast Mark Harvell and his wife Nan share with us. Observing the details of the natural world reveal magical moments to enjoy and be captured through a camera lens.

Join the first partners program of 2024 to hear what one couple has learned by being outside and paying attention.

Saturday Feb 3rd at Club Tamarack9am for coffee and donuts,  9:30 program.

No charge,  all residents welcome

News from The Stables


Here's a bit of history regarding getting on top of the horse. Riders always mount the horse from the left. Do you know why? Wearing swords on the left hip began in Rome, and the practice continued into the Middle Ages. Since most people are right-handed, they carried swords on the left side. Mounting from the horse's left side reduced the chance of a rider entangling himself in his weaponry. The Trail rides are busiest Friday through Sunday, so for the best selection of dates and times call early or choose Monday through Thursday. Either way, call today to schedule your next ride: (706) 692-6322. See you on the trails! (but leave the sword at home)

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