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Friday News

This week's photo submission is from: Michele Shaeffer

Public Safety Updates:


As summer approaches, golf cart activity is becoming more prevalent throughout the community. Accidents involving these vehicles can be severe, so please drive them with caution. Just like regular vehicles, operators of LSUVs and golf carts must be at least 16 years old and possess a valid state driver's license. Please review the information below for more requirements regarding golf carts and LSUVs.

· Must have a steering wheel and foot controls for acceleration and braking.

· Must be equipped with headlight and taillights if used at night.

· Must be equipped with rear view mirrors if used on BT roads and should move to side of the road to allow cars to pass where it is safe with adequate visibility.

· Must carry liability insurance that permits operation within BT and be registered with Bent Tree. Registration can be done at the Front Gate.

· May only be used on BT paved and gravel roads or owner’s property (no off-roading). Only golf carts with a paid trail fee or paid daily use fee may be driven on the golf course.

· Strictly prohibited from operation in BT are All Terrain Vehicles (ATV), Go Carts, and play vehicles such as scooters and pocket bikes.

Administration & Board Updates:

Board Meeting

The Bent Tree Board of Directors will be holding a Monthly Board Meeting on Tuesday, May 28th in the Recreation Room at Club Tamarack at 9 am.

This is an in person meeting and will be videoed for later viewing.

A link of the recorded meeting will be sent out next Friday in the Friday News.  

Please click here for the agenda.

Comments to the board should be sent via email to
Comments to administration should be sent to

News From the Courts Pro

Summer is almost here. Mark your calendars and join us. Learning is fun!

Other Upcoming Things for Your Calendar!

Mark your calendars for these upcoming events. Please come join us, as a player or even spectator. It’s truly a fun atmosphere. Also be on the lookout for Free Beginner Tennis and Pickleball Clinics. These will be offered on weekdays and weekends, in hopes you’ll be able to fit us in somewhere. You’ll be glad you did. Please reach out to Coach Bob with any questions at 770-883-2623. Hope to see ya soon.

Course Etiquette Reminder:
We've noticed some after-hours activity on the golf course with kids riding bikes. While walking the course after hours is allowed, please remember to stay on the cart paths for safety and course maintenance reasons.

Beverage Cart Success:
Our new beverage cart has been a big hit! It's now easier than ever to enjoy refreshments while you play. As a friendly reminder, Bent Tree encourages you to purchase your food and beverages from the Tavern or the Pro Shop. The convenience of the beverage cart enhances your on-course experience.

Pet Policy on the Course:
We are still seeing dog waste around hole 6. If you walk your dog here, please clean up after them. If you live near the course and allow your dog to roam off-leash, please be aware that they may be making a mess on the course. The Pro Shop and Public Safety are working to address this issue, and we appreciate your cooperation.

Thank you for helping us maintain the beauty and integrity of Bent Tree Golf Course. Enjoy your weekend and happy golfing!

Save the Dates for some upcoming fun in June!


       Get ready Karaokeans, for an unforgettable night of crazy fun, dancing,
and musical entertainment! 🎤🎶

       ✅Mark your calendars now!

             SATURDAY, JUNE 8th
             Bent Tree Tavern
             6:00 to 9:00 PM

       Don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy “specialty” drinks, dinner and bar menus that will be provided for your pleasure. 🍷🍗🍕🥗🫕🍸🍛🍺🍤🥙

     🎉 Make sure to spread the word to all your friends and family and please remember to make table reservations!
     We wish for a large attendance and can’t wait to see you all again!

       Note: If you make a reservation, and t
later decide not to come, please cancel your reservation so that others can use your table.
                   🎶 Jack & Jan Davis
                           Karaoke  Hosts😃😂🎤

News From Bent Tree Realty

22 Oak Ridge Court

3 bedrooms

4.5 baths

3915 sq. ft.

In-law/teen suite

Den on terrace level

Office/Bonus roomExercise/multi-purpose room


189 Frost Pine Circle

1.61 acres

4 Bedrooms

3 Baths



News from The Stables

Meet Jack. He is going to be very busy over the next month. Jack is a gelding Hackney pony. He is black with a white blaze with two white socks on opposite legs. He’s a hardworking pony. He is very trustworthy and Jack likes to be treated with respect and he can be sensitive toward feelings. When it is not summer camp of Youth Fest, consider hiring Jack for an arena ride for a small person in your life. He has an easy walk and makes a novice rider feel confident in the saddle. Jack will eat anything, even human food, which is not good for him. So, folks should not eat near his snout. Jack loves affection and he loves to be brushed. Jack has two pals, the ponies he shares a paddock with, Peter Pan and Cookie Monster. Ruby, the matriarch of the stables, respects Jack, (which is saying quite a bit about Jack's character and skill level); and thus, they work well together, especially if a novice rider needs the trail leader to use the lead rope to guide Jack and the rider. Jack loves food, (did we say he will eat anything!) so apples and carrots are a great treat to donate to the stables. Call today to schedule your next visit or ride: (706) 692-6322. See you on the trails!

News from Lake & Wildlife

June Partner Program June 1 – NASA Solar System Ambassador Stephen Rahn will be first up starting at 9:30. Presenting "Fascinating Facts about our Nearest Star" Stephen will share how animals use the stars for navigation and the impacts of light pollution, the impact of the Moon on the Earth, and how energy and light are formed deep inside the Sun's surface. Then head outside 

(weather permitting) to see the Sun using specially designed solar telescopes and binoculars with filters that allow you to view the Sun in a completely safe way. The meeting will conclude by 10:45 to set up for the community town hall at 11.

Saturday June 1st 9:30 am lower level of Club Tamarack

9 am for coffee, donuts, and fellowship

From dung beetles to seals, steering by the stars is a critical skill, as it aids them in migrating, finding food, or searching out mates. Even a creature as small as a dung beetle, with a brain the size of a grain of rice, can gaze up at the starry night and decide where to go.   – National Geographic

🐟🐠🐟🐠🐟🐠Lake and Wildlife volunteer fish fry is Wed June 5. Please pick up a form at the mail center (inside ), at Sat‘s meeting , or print off the group email.  Any questions text or call LuAnn Chambers 678-414-1047

News from the Activities Committee


Monday - Wednesday - Friday all summer until Labor Day weekend

Upper Pool / $3 per session / Bring your pool noodles

Water shoes are recommended.

HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE....Weather permitting

For more information or Click Here

Family Pool Party

Upper Pool

Sunday, June 9th 3 - 5PM

FREE EVENT! - RSVP not required

For more information: call Kim Stahlman at 678-858-5073 or Click Here



Club Tamarack Dining Room

Saturday, June 8th 5-7 PM

Sunday, June 9th 5-7 PM

Call backs Monday, June 10, if necessary 5-7pm

Auditions will be cold readings from the script. Show up, read, leave. Just that easy!

For more information:  Click Here

Mountain Breeze Concert

Beach Pavilion

Monday, June 10th Music starts at 5:00

Picnic starts at 6:00Bring a potluck dish to share, your beverages, plates & utensils

For more information:  Click Here

Family Pool Party

Upper Pool

Sunday, June 9th 3 - 5PM

FREE EVENT! - RSVP not required

For more information: call Kim Stahlman at 678-858-5073 or Click Here


Club Tamarack Dining Room

Saturday, June 8th 5-7 PM

Sunday, June 9th 5-7 PM

Call backs Monday, June 10, if necessary 5-7pm

Auditions will be cold readings from the script. Show up, read, leave. Just that easy!

For more information:  Click Here

Calling all Bent Tree Newcomers 

You are invited to be our guest at the June 10th Monday Night Picnic 

Beach Pavilion, 5:00-7:00.  

For additional information Click Here

RSVP email, Receive a special gift for your RSVP.

Beach Party!

Live Music on the Sand

Lake Tamarack Beach

Saturday, June 15th, 7 - 10 PM


Bring your chairs, beverages and edibles

For more information: or Click Here

Bent Tree Road Race
July 4, 2024
Registration Fee: $25 (includes awards)Registration Information: Runners 2024: Bent Tree Road Race 2024or registration form available at Admin
For more information: or Click Here

For more information about events and all things BTAC visit our committee page on the Bent-Tree website. View Upcoming and Ongoing Events!

Click to view

News from the Animal Shelter

Is this your lost Grey strip kitty? Found Wednesday on a porch on Quail Trot. Very friendly. Ran right to us crying . He is safe in our shelter.
Reminder - coyotes are all over Bent Tree . Your cats and small dogs are not safe outside by them selves. This big coyote was caught on camera on Grassy Knob last week. 5:30 am.
Please come meet the kitties and our dog Sweet Potato at the shelter ,if you are interested in adopting or fostering.

News from Outside the Gates

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