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Friday News

This week's photo is by: Katina Jones

Administration Updates:

Sign Orders

Signs were installed on Monday, if you have any errors, please reach out. 

We are submitting the next ten orders now, and look to see a three week turnaround. 

Did You Know:

The most important and key governing document in Bent Tree is the “Declaration Of Covenants, Conditions, And Restrictions For Bent Tree”. The Authority of the Board of Directors to manage and operate the Bent

Tree Community comes directly from the Covenants and every property owner in Bent Tree is bound by the Covenants by recorded deed. Read the Covenants and be informed.

AC Chair

Public Safety Updates:

Surge Protectors and Power Strips - Fire Prevention

Surge protectors and power strips are common electrical components in most homes. They are frequently used incorrectly though, and this can lead to housefires. It is also important when purchasing and using these items that you ensure they are UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certified. UL certified products meet acceptable fire and electrical safety standards that are important for protecting your home. Please take time to access more information on this topic straight from Underwriters Laboratories on the Bent Tree website at the link below:

UL Guide to Power Strips and Surge Protectors

Last chance!! Register now by calling The Courts at 770-893-2623. 

Huge thanks to Junior and team for quick response to any request we have requested. Our members and staff here are truly grateful for their partnership. Here they are installing some motion flood lights to make it safer when leaving in the dark. #protectingourcommunity

Who would be interested in ping pong at The Courts? Would consider adding only if enough interest exists. Please email Bob Coleman at We will allow a couple of weeks to collect info to make decision on whether to add.

We want to hear from you! Please complete the following survey about the Golf Pro Shop to help us make sure we are serving you best. The survey is only three short questions, so we ask you to take a few moments to fill it out. SURVEY

Thank you for the tremendous response to the Yellow Tee Tournament. We are pretty much at capacity for this event, feel free to call and ask if you can still get in. 770-893-2626.

See you all Saturday!

2024 Bent Tree Junior Golf Camps

Dates: June 3rd, 4th & 5th  

June 25th, 26th & 27th

July 10th, 11th & 12th

July 17th, 18th & 19th

July 24th, 25th & 26th

Ages 6-14             10am-2pm

Price: $250 per child includes instruction, refreshments, and prizes. 

  • Action-packed camps include hands-on instruction led by certified PGA Professionals.

  • Signature PGA camp curriculum focuses on developing golf skills (full swing, short game, rules and etiquette) while keeping the experience fun and engaging (games and activities).

  • A fun, safe and educational environment designed with your child's wellbeing in mind.

  • Playdays consisting of 3, 6 and 9 holes of golf.

  • Age ranges from 6 – 14

Sign Up at the pro shop or email

2024 Bent Tree Ladies Clinic

Thursdays & Fridays

Starting March 7th & 8th

11am to 12pm

We're excited to announce the upcoming Bent Tree Ladies Clinic for 2024, where we're dedicated to helping you refine your golf skills and enhance your enjoyment of the game. Join us on Thursdays and Fridays, starting March 7th and 8th, from 11 am to 12 pm.

  • Week 1 (March 7th & 8th): Short Game & Bunker Shots Learn how to get out of the bunkers effectively.

  • Week 2 (March 14th & 15th): Mid/Long Iron Shots Hitting your shots crisp and getting the most out of your swing without swinging too hard.

  • Week 3 (March 21st & 22nd): Course Management Learn how to place the ball on the course, where to approach each green and improve your “miss hits”.

  • Week 4 (March 28th & 29th): Driver & Fairway Metal/Woods Feel confident off the tee & know which side to play “favor” to.

💲 Cost: $35 per session or $70 for both days.

Ready to elevate your game? Sign up at the Pro Shop or email Patrick Higgins at Don't miss this opportunity to refine your skills and enjoy the game even more!

The Big Game on Sunday Night is nearly at capacity, we can only take a handful more reservations. Call today to snag your spot! 770-893-2621

Valentine's Day Dinner

Elevate your Valentine's Day experience with our enchanting three-course menu, where every detail is crafted to ignite romance and delight your taste buds. Each guest will be greeted with a choice of a welcome glass of Proverb wine, Prosecco, or our special Tavern’s Lover’s Potion.

Course One:

Lobster Bisque Rich creamy soup enhanced with brandy, garnished with lobster and chive.

Grilled Mediterranean Shrimp Marinated in olive oil, lemon, and rosemary. Grilled and served atop arugula with feta and tomato.

Beef Carpaccio Thinly sliced raw beef tenderloin served with traditional lemony mayonnaise and black garlic oil.

Artisanal Meat and Cheese Charcuterie Selection of salamis, coppa, prosciutto, gorgonzola, buffalo mozzarella. With crostini, honeycomb, and Tarragon Mustard.

Winter Salad Spinach, arugula, crispy smoked pork belly, pomegranate, blueberry, and smoked gouda cheese with blood orange vinaigrette.

Course Two:

Angus Beef Filet Mignon Hand-cut filet mignon seasoned and grilled to perfection. Topped with truffle butter, served with fingerling potatoes, and a vegetable choice.

Grilled Duck Breast Marinated, seared, and grilled, served with roasted pineapple and ginger compote. Accompanied by Basmati rice cake and vegetable choice.

Bricked Thyme and Rosemary Chicken Skin-on chicken breast pressed on a hot griddle until crispy. Served with fingerling potatoes and vegetable choice.

Pasta Le Coeur Four Cheese-filled ravioli hearts with Sage Cream, grilled artichoke, walnut, and roasted tomato. Accompanied by a vegetable choice.

Sicilian-inspired Grilled Swordfish Topped with Castelvetrano olives, marinated tomato, lemon, and pine nuts. Served with Basmati rice cake and a vegetable choice.

Vegetable Choices: Steakhouse creamed spinach, roasted broccolini, grilled asparagus, lemony green beans.

Course Three:

Crème Brulee with Macerated Strawberries Traditional baked custard with caramelized sugar, Grand Marnier-sliced strawberries, and Chantilly cream.

Flourless Chocolate Cake Fudgy chocolate cake drizzled with a forest berry coulis, served with almond Florentine.

Warm Chocolate Bread Pudding With Cajeta sauce and hazelnuts.

Experience the art of romance with these exquisite culinary creations. Make this Valentine's Day a celebration of love and flavor at The Tavern. 💖🍽️🥂

Priced at $38.00 per guest plus tax and gratuity Additional alcohol not included. Regular menu not available for this evening. 

Reservations Required, call The Tavern now to secure your spot. Reservations are filling up quickly. 770-893-2621

Other Upcoming Things for Your Calendar!

🎶 KARAOKE Fans! You are invited….
               Bent Tree Tavern

Great fun, fellowship, and especially, OUTSTANDING entertainment 🎶🎤

Drink specials and dinner menus available.

(Table reservations highly recommended)

🎤 We can’t wait to see YOU again!
                Jack & Jan Davis
                 Karaoke Hosts 🎶

News From Bent Tree Realty

News from The Stables

Safety and cell phones

There are many safety rules in the barn and the arenas. First and foremost, there is no smoking for obvious reasons (can someone say hey, there’s a bunch of hay?). Riders, regardless of their age or experience, need to always be careful around horses. Riders should never walk right behind a horse or make sudden movements or loud noises near them. Children should never run through the barn or in the arena. Riders should sit up straight, relax their back without slouching, hold the reins in both hands with some slack, and keep their feet in the stirrups. Avoid letting go of the reins (we have seen novice riders do that!) to pull out a cell phone and to take photos. It’s the equivalent to taking your hands off the steering wheel to text. There will be times along the trail where the horses will stop. At that time, if a rider is compelled to take photos with their phone, then this may be the time, but check with the trail guide first. Always talk to the guide about photo opportunities before the trail ride begins. Just remember it is easy to drop a phone while on top of a horse (one trail ride this happened three times! For real, we just can't make this stuff up) and it is just as easy for that 1000+ pound animal to step on that phone. Crunch. The Trail rides are busiest Friday through Sunday, so for the best selection of dates and times call early or choose Monday through Thursday. Either way, call today to schedule your next ride: (706) 692-6322. See you on the trails!

Advance Noice of Price Adjustments

Take advantage of 2023 pricing now. Book and Take your trail or arena rides by 2/29/24 to take advantage of last year's prices. In fact, bring your friends so they too can benefit from the prior prices.  As of March 1, there will be a slight increase. You have 20 days to book and ride. Make your reservation today. (706) 692-6322

News From the Activities Committee

Stay up to date with all things BTAC on the Bent Tree website! Just click the button for our committee page. 

Click Here

Community Directory Update: Directory distribution at the mail center is now complete.  If you did not receive a copy, you may pick one up at Admin during normal business hours.  Questions/comments?   

Reservations Open Today! Email:

Click to hear a sample of the featured band: Tommy Ward

Reservations are now being accepted! Click to view this amazing video of our featured performer: Who's Keeping Las Vegas Alive?

News from the Animal Shelter

Fostering Love by fostering a cat 

Fostering an animal has been proven to help with feelings of loneliness and depression without worrying that maybe you aren’t ready for another companion. Our cats/ kittens are co-mingled in one small building. Some feel that stress more than others. Sweet Callie is 10 years old and came to us when her mom went into a care center. She went from only cat to one of 17-18 all the time. She easily takes her twice daily thyroid pills and mostly tries to stay away from the activity of kittens and other cats. She would be so much happier being a foster cat in a quiet home without other cats.

If you might consider Callie or one of the other cats or kittens, please text or call 678-414-1047 to visit the shelter. Foster, adopt, donate or volunteer - we need all.

News from Lake & Wildlife

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