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Friday News

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Photo by Stephen Michael

Administration Notices
The Bent Tree Board of Directors held a Monthly Board Meeting on Tuesday, September 26, 2023 in the Recreation Room at Club Tamarack at 9 am.

Please click here for the recording.

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September Board of Directors Report

The following actions were taken by the Bent Tree Board of Directors at its meeting this week:

· Approved a rule change to prohibit fishing at the spillway

· Approved a measure requiring boat space renters to be assigned specific spaces in the boat storage area.

· Established a $100 fine for fishing in prohibited areas.

· Approved the Bent Tree Activities Committee officers for 2024: President, Dave Stewart, Vice Chair Muzette Randall, Secretary, Laura Chambers, and treasurer, Barbara Foerst.

· Approved a lease agreement with Tim Carver, long-time Bent Tree building and grounds manager, to continue living in retirement in the home he owns on the Campground property, in exchange for him providing security for the site.

· Authorized Administration to work with the Lake and Wildlife Committee to contract for a $3,000 study of sedimentation control for Lake Tamarack, and $30,000 for silt remediation work to Coffey Cove Creek and Mulligan Creek.

Other information that emerged from the meeting:

· An ad hoc committee was created by the president to work with General Manager Jim Pryor to develop a vision plan for Bent Tree using the results of the recently released community survey. The group will be composed of Arty Allen, Robert Calhoun, Laird Carmichael and Rick Patterson. It is expected that the plan will be reviewed and updated annually.

· Work has begun at the Tavern designed to make it handicapped compliant. It will include creation of a accessible bathroom, installation of handicap ramp and other work.

· A nearly three-year effort to make the Lake Tamarack sluice gate operational was completed successfully.

· It was announced that about 600 property owners have signed up to take part in a volunteer effort with the Wildcat Community Firewise Grant. It’s possible several million dollars could be available to remove fire hazard debris and improve forest fire prevention at homes. Contact public safety if you’d like to participate.

· Administration has met with Amazon officials to discuss delivery problems in Bent Tree, which resulted in one delivery person dumping packages at the mail center. Amazon logistic officials visited Bent Tree and agreed that our roads do not meet their standards for delivery, but have turned down the idea of installing a lock-box facility. We’ll keep trying.

Glen Harris, President, Board of Directors.

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Hours for specials are listed on the website.

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Golf Shop Hours:
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Please mark your calendars for this special event. The impact you have through your donation may never fully be realized by you, but know that you are most definitely benefiting the young athletes in their pursuit of higher education. It will be a fun day, some great play, and some amazing fellowship getting to know these students and players.
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The Bent Tree Activities Committee invites you to join us for our upcoming events and activities! Our incredible group of volunteers stay busy keeping Bent Tree filled with fun opportunities to meet your neighbors. Please be sure you are a member of the Bent Tree website and stay up to date on all things BTAC by using our calendar and the Activities Commitee page! Keep reading to see what's new.

Hard copy: inside mail center, tavern and admin front office
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For full details about Fall Festival and more, please visit the Activities Committee page on the website.
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Your Bent Tree Shelter has the most adorable kittens but the grown cats 🐈‍⬛ have asked us to remind you they are adorable too.  We have 2 special cats, Willie and Frankie, who have FIV so they need families who understand what that means. They are healthy and good boys. You can brush Willie all day if you have time and Frankie loves a liquid treat.  These are gentle souls looking for a home.
Please call or text 678-414-1047 to set up a visit.Don’t forget to stop for a taste of Linda’s soup at the Fall Festival. She is representing our shelter. Vote for Linda’s Lucky Soup!

To schedule a trail ride, please call the stables at 706-692-6322

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