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Friday News

This week's photo is by: Karen Parker

Administrative Updates:


The bridge will be temporarily taped off. 

Public Safety Updates:


As winter approaches, there is a growing desire and need for the use of fireplaces. However, chimneys are often neglected when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Byproducts of the burning wood in a fireplace stick to chimney walls over time. This buildup known as creosote is the leading cause of chimney fires. Please follow the below safety tips to prevent housefires related to chimneys and fireplaces:

1. Have your chimney cleaned and serviced by a qualified professional before its first use each winter.

2. Use seasoned wood and keep the damper open wide to minimize the buildup of creosote.

3. Use a fireplace screen to keep dangerous embers and sparks in the fireplace where they belong.

4. Do not sleep or leave the house with the fire burning.

5. Safely dispose of ashes. Once cool to the touch, ashes from a recently burned fire should be placed in a metal container with a lid and placed at least three feet from the perimeter of your home.

Find the above information on the Bent Tree website at the following link:

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Thanks to all for their support last Saturday with our Scholarship Tournament. 40 Pickleballers and 18 Tennis players (8 bring high school and middle schoolers). And to our many sponsors. Thank you!


All you youngsters make plans on attending this event. Great afternoon of fun, food, and fellowship.


Due to a supplier error we are changing the Veal Gorgonzola to Pork Gorgonzola.

Friday 10/27

Lunch - Fish and chips $14

A Friday favorite, beer battered haddock is fried crisp and served with French fries.

Dinner – Pork Gorgonzola $28

Thinly pounded veal cutlets coated with seasoned flour, sauteed in olive oil and topped with gorgonzola cream, grilled portobello mushrooms and served on asparagus risotto.

Saturday 10/28

Lunch - Wicked Philly $13

Thinly sliced Angus Ribeye is sauteed with onions, bell peppers and button mushrooms, piled into a hoagie roll and then slathered with house made jalapeño pimento cheese and served with one side.

Dinner - Chicken pot pie $22

Slow cooked chicken and vegetables in a rich and creamy sauce, topped with a savory crust baked to perfection.

News From Bent Tree Realty

News From the Activities Committee

Stay up to date with all things BTAC on the Bent Tree website! Just click the button for our committee page. 

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Join us this Saturday at the Horse Park Arena from 5 – 8 PM

November 1st. email for more information.

November 12 and 13 Fireside Lounge @ 6:30pm 

“Murder at the Big Ta-Doo”

upscale classy cocktail party honoring a famous local Bent Tree Resident. Someone will be murdered!  A semi formal/ formal affair.

Only 25 people per night 

Everyone has a character to play.

$20.00 pp includes Chef Klein’ elite appetizers. There will be a cash bar. 

BTAC Arts council’s continuing effort to promote the arts in our community. 

TICKETS WILL GO ON SALE AT ADMINISTRATION OFFICE AT 12-1pm on Monday, Nov 6 - 10 or until we are sold out! 



Sunday, Dec. 3 at 2pm

Bent Tree Dulcimers Info- Concert
Fireside Lounge - Learn about the dulcimer and enjoy a holiday concert
Only 25 seats available- Free

Wednesday, Dec 13 at 7:00pm

"A Cozy Christmas Concert"
Bent Tree Jazz/Pop Combo in Concert
Dining Room at Club Tamarack capacity 90
Christmas music and sing-a-long
Free concert
Dry animal food or cat litter requested
For our BT Animal Shelter and Pickens Animal Shelter

News from the Animal Shelter

This brother and sister are such sweet kittens. All of our kittens just love to be held and loved on. We have 3 other kittens and 13 other cats ranging from maybe a year to about 10 years old. Always an age estimate from the vet.

We spay/ neuter/chip and get their shots before adopting. 
Please come meet our wonderful shelter cats and kittens.
Thank you for your donations!  We operate only by donation and volunteers.

If you would like to contact to visit or have any questions, call or text 678-414-1047

*** a long-haired cat was found this week and brought to the shelter **** if you have lost or know of a long haired black lost cat let us know.

News from Lake & Wildlife


Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-bakers' man, bake me a cake as fast as you can!

Yes, it is time again to bake up goodies for our Tamarack Treasures Bakery Nov. 11 at Club Tamarack. We have been delighted by the delicious treats that have been donated for this fund raiser and we know this time will be just as great.

Bring items on Friday Nov 10 to Club Tamarack from 9am-4pm. If you need a different time let us know. Call or text LuAnn Chambers with questions. 678-414-1047.

Other News

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