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Friday News

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Administration Notices
Welcome to Bent Tree!
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The Bent Tree Board of Directors will be holding a Work Session on Tuesday, May 16th, 2023 in the Recreation Room at Club Tamarack at 9 am.

This is an in person meeting and will be videoed for later viewing.

A link of the recorded meeting will be sent out next Friday in the Friday News.   

Please click here for the agenda.

Comments to the board should be sent via email to
Comments to administration should be sent to
So Whatta Ya Think?

For the past several meetings the Bent Tree Board of Directors has used the monthly work sessions to discuss key issues with the community. That will continue with the May 16 meeting when two important issues will be on the agenda: Which amenities, if any, should be made available under controlled guidelines to non-Bent Tree residents, and how a proposal to begin a charging new homeowners a property transfer fee should be structured.

Please keep in mind that no one is suggesting we open the gates to the public. Security is one of the main reasons many of us moved here. But our limited population also limits the income potential for our amenities. Jasper restaurants have many thousands of potential customers to draw from. Bent Tree’s base is about 2,000 people. The same applies to our golf course and tennis/pickleball complex.

Example: We could charge a non-resident golfers who are not playing with a member $85 for a round of golf. If we two such foursomes playing five times a week for 25 weeks of the year that would raise $85,000 in extra income.

A board ad hoc committee is currently studying the transfer fee proposal. It would likely be similar to one employed by Big Canoe, which approved a $2,500 fee on new home purchases to help finance capital improvements. The key questions are: should such a fee apply to lot sales? New construction? Existing Bent Tree residents who buy another house? And should future boards be able to increase or decrease the amount? Would the charge apply for homes that pass through an estate? What would be an appropriate charge? And how would be money be used?

We’d like to hear from you on these issues. The meeting is at 9 a.m. Tuesday May 16 in the Recreation Room at Club Tamarack. You can also email the board at

Glen Harris, board president

Boat Ramp Audit

The Bent Tree Safety & Emergency Management team just conducted an audit of boats at the Boat Ramp. We found the following:

· A multitude of boats do not have current BT registration decals properly affixed per our rules and regulations.

· Some boats are not being stored in the correct spaces.

· Many boat owners have not paid registration fees or storage fees for 2023, yet their boats are still present.

Beginning next Friday, May 19th, fines will begin being issued to owners of boats without current decals affixed to their vessels. Unregistered boats and boats being stored without payment will be removed. Please ensure you have corrected all applicable issues noted above prior to that.

Friday, May 12th- Prime Rib Night     $28.95

Black angus prime rib served with au jus sauce, horseradish sauce and baked potato.  Includes salad and rolls.

Weekly Specials

Saturday, May 13th-   Surf & Turf  $29.95

Roasted beef tenderloin medallions with a Maryland style crab cake served with basil risotto and grilled asparagus.  Includes salad and rolls.

Sunday, May 14th-     $24.95

All you can eat Mother's Day Sunday Brunch at Club Tamarack.     

Golf Shop Hours:
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

“Meow” my name is Brownie and I live at the Bent Tree Animal Shelter right behind the Cottage.You should come meet me and all my friends here at the shelter. Just give a call to 678-414-1047 when you want to set up a visit.Hope to see you soon 😻.PS - we have brand new dog beds for sale if you need one !!

Lake & Wildlife
Call or text LuAnn Chambers at 678-414-1047 for more info. Drop off from 9-4 on Thursday at club Tamarack downstairs or for a different time.

Registration begins May 25th
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