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Administration Notices
A message from the Board President
Here is a summary of information that came from the April 25 Board of Directors meeting.

· The expansion of the golf course driving range is nearing completion and a synthetic turf hitting area will be installed soon. Work will then move to construction of a chipping green which is expected to be finished by Memorial Day. All of the work is being financed through a generous donation from the estate of the late Bob Foley through the Bent Tree Foundation.

· Several projects at the Tavern will begin this spring/summer. This includes construction of a new unisex handicap compatible restroom, a new handicap ramp, a new patio floor, and the steep steps that go directly into the pro shop will be removed and new safer steps constructed.

· New fire suppression sprinkler heads have been added at Club Tamarack and new heads will be installed at the Tavern next week. The old sprinkler heads being replaced are original to those buildings.

· By late June an underwater dive team company is expected to return to complete work on the emergency valve at the dam. A trash rack is being constructed to place over the valve to keep debris such as sunken logs from jamming it. Once the rack is installed the valve will be opened slightly to ensure it works. Lake dredging has been on hold until the final costs for the valve work are determined.

· An ad hoc committee will be formed to explore a proposal to ask Bent Tree property owners to amend our governing documents to allow creation of a capital infrastructure fee for new property owners. Many other communities have such a fee to help finance infrastructure improvements. The fee would not affect existing property owners. Board member Ralph Morse will lead the committee.

· It was announced that Mary Lou Weng and Edie Stephens are leaving the board’s governing documents ad hoc committee. Both are long-term members of the committee, and their expertise will be missed.

· Grounds Maintenance staff are in the process of installing new fencing at the dog park. The work is expected to be finished in early May.

- Glen Harris, Board President
Board Meeting Video
To view the board meeting from April 25, 2023, please click here.
Mail Center Parking and Traffic Flow Guidance

Bent Tree Safety & Emergency Management has received complaints regarding various issues at the Mail Center regarding parking and traffic flow. Following the below guidance will help minimize traffic flow problems and accidents.

· The Mail Center driveway is not to be used to cut through to Alpine Drive. There is a NO THRU TRAFFIC sign posted at the entrance to the driveway.

- Please DO NOT enter the Mail Center lot from Alpine Drive.  Entry is only allowed from Little Pine.

· Please try not to park across the long yellow hump. Parking across it can create difficulty for vehicles leaving the mail center in the inside lane.

· When leaving your parking spot, it is generally best to pull forward across the yellow hump and use the inside lane closest to the mail center to exit. Doing so eliminates the need to back up, which is a common cause of accidents.

· Larger vehicles may still need to back up and use the outside lane to exit if there are other parked cars nearby posing clearance issues.

· Please be very attentive to pedestrians and other vehicles.

Updated Tavern Hours

Friday, April 28th - Chef Tulio's Seafood Station     $23.95

Fresh grouper, salmon, shrimp, clams, mussels, calamari, scallops, lobster and vegetables.  Your choice of marinara, scampi, alfredo, or vodka sauce.  Includes salad and rolls

Tuesday, May 2nd- Trivia

New Club Tamarack Hours
Weekly Specials

Saturday, April 29th-     $28.95

Grilled black angus ribeye with rosemary marinade served with chef's roasted potatoes, grilled asparagus and sautéed brandy mushrooms.

Sunday, April 30th $16.95

Brunch at Club Tamarack.   

Golf Shop Hours:
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

For more Summer Camp information please visit our website here.

Lake & Wildlife

“…meta-analysis of the research, published in the journal Preventative Medicine Reports, found that gardening has a wide range of health outcomes including reductions in depression, anxiety, and body mass index, as well as increases in life satisfaction, quality of life, and sense of community.”

Friday MAY 5th KBTB Zone Planting! 
Meet at admin at 8 am
Contact Andy Kidd for more information

Lake Tamarack History

     What are Lake Tamarack’s origins and what was here before it? What’s that big blue thing on the dam? Is our lake healthy now and how might it evolve in the future?

Join L&W for this and more that you need to know about Lake Tamarack!

       Saturday, May 6th Club Tamarack Lower Level
9-9:30 am coffee and donuts, 9:30 am program start

All residents are welcome!

NATURE EXPLORERS – for the children

May 6th at 2 pm at the Sallie Doss Nature Center
Led by Barbara Collier

We are learning how SNAGS and FALLEN TREES support the woodland ecosystem and provide so much for the wildlife that we value here in Bent Tree. Kids will share their experiences and art at the June L&W meeting so all of Bent Tree can better understand the importance of this often-overlooked part of our forests. Parents, make plans to attend with your kids, we bet you learn a lot too!


L&W has community service hours available for your high school student! The upcoming Tamarack Treasures Boutique sale has opportunities May 17 - May 20 for students to earn hours by moving boxes, unpacking inventory, and providing day of sale support.

Contact Mary Ada Kidd (386)-212-4277 or Deb White (205)-541-4366 for additional info or to sign up.

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