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Friday News
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Administration Notices
Board Considering Capital Contribution Fee (CCF)

Bent Tree roads are not in good shape. But that’s not news. The news is that the Board of Directors is considering a plan to give the community a chance to change that without tapping into the pocketbooks of current residents.

The Board in August will consider a proposal that, if approved by the community, would provide a reliable extra source of funding, at no extra cost to current residents, for road improvements and paving. It’s called a Capital Contribution Fee, which is a $2,500 fee that would be paid by future home buyers (NOT sellers) with the revenues strictly limited to road improvements and paving.
A few years ago, Bent Tree brought in a consultant to evaluate our roads. He said paving should take place on every road at least once every 20 years. Historically, Bent Tree’s funding has been limited to a 40-year cycle.

Traditionally, Bent Tree has conducted a repaving program every other year. It was scheduled to take place last year but was postponed when the pandemic-fueled price increase doubled the cost of asphalt. Directors last year and this year have made paving a high priority, putting together a nearly $1 million effort, which includes funds that were not used last year. A repaving effort will take place this fall, covering about 5 miles of roads.

Here are the key elements of the measure the board is considering:

· The $2,500 fee would apply only to buyers of homes.
· The fee would be effective January 2024.
· The fee would NOT apply to the sale of unimproved lots; it would NOT apply to owners of unimproved lots who build on that lot; it would NOT apply to homeowners who buy another home in Bent Tree; it would NOT apply to homes that are inherited or otherwise passed on to a family member; and it would NOT apply to a lender or mortgage holder upon a foreclosure.
· Any increase in the $2,500 fee would be limited to the Atlanta Consumer Price Index each year.
The idea for a Capital Contribution Fee has been around for a while, but board members began seriously studying it this past summer when we learned that more than 200 communities and neighborhoods in our general area have some type of fee that new home buyers pay. Think of it as new residents paying forward for the rest of us.

The proposal will be on the agenda for the Aug. 15th work session. If approved for submission to the community, there will be ample opportunities to inform and answer questions from residents.
The plan will be discussed in detail, and questions answered, at 11 a.m. Aug. 5th at a town hall meeting in Club Tamarack, following the monthly Lake and Wildlife meeting. Proposed routine changes to our bylaws will also be discussed at that meeting.

-Glen Harris, President, Board of Directors
Over the past few months, there has been a dramatic increase in phone calls from residents to add guests to their account. We are happy to handle this for those who need our assistance. However, there is no denying that these calls tie up our phone lines and impede our ability to efficiently complete other tasks.

One of the most simple and important things residents can do to help our department with this is to use GateHouse to input guests. GateHouse is an online guest management service that can be accessed via computer or app on your phone/tablet. On GateHouse, residents can add their own guests, send electronic passes, and be automatically notified of guests’ arrival at the gate. The GateHouse guide for Bent Tree residents can be found in the Public Safety section of the Bent Tree website or by following this link GateHouse Guide. Although the guide contains everything residents need to know, below is some information that we receive frequent questions about:

- The website to access GateHouse is If the generic credentials noted in the GateHouse guide do not work, please call Public Safety at 770-893-2628 to have your username or password reset.

- The most common question we receive is regarding the “client code”. The client code is 190190.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and attention to this. It is a tremendous help to our department for residents to add their own guests. Email me at with any questions or special assistance needed.

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Michael began his culinary journey while in college at the University of Cincinnati. While there he was given a work-study job in the Faculty Club as a busboy- a terrible mistake on the part of the organization as it was quickly made clear that he had no business trying to serve drinks to the Club’s guests. His ability to balance a tray of iced tea, water, and soft drinks without spilling one or more on the patrons did not exist. Based on this discovery, he was moved to the kitchen to wash dishes and prep salads. He was immediately “at home” in this environment and thus began his career in hospitality.

Michael went to culinary school, completed an internship with the Cincinnati’s famed Five Star rated Le Maisonette restaurant.  He continued his journey working various culinary roles throughout the country and Caribbean including Executive Chef for The Hotel Roanoke, Martha Washington Inn, Peachtree Executive Conference Center, The Virgin Isle Hilton, Marriott Atlanta and as  Food and Beverage Director for Sheraton Suites, Emory Conference Center Hotel and Lanier Islands Resort. He also served as Executive Chef for Le Cordon Bleu Atlanta Culinary College and subsequently as Associate Director of Education for Le Cordon Bleu North America’s fifteen campuses.

Michael has been a longtime resident of  Woodstock where he shares his home with his amazing wife of 37 years, Michelle and five doggos. Together they have two children and two grand kids.
Club Tamarack Hours:

Look for updates coming soon regarding Club Tamarack.

Find updated menus for the Tavern and Club prior to the Friday News on the website here: Tavern - (

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2023 Couples Club Championship

August 13th starting @ 12pm Tee Times

Entry Fee: $60 per couple

Format: Team Points for 18 Holes

2023 Club Championships

Ladies 18 Holer’s & 9 Holer’s – Sept 12th & 14th

Men’s - Sept 16th & 17th

Championship Division: Blue Tees

Senior Division 65 years +: White Tees

Super Senior P2 Division: Age + Index > or = 84.5

Golf Shop Hours:
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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The Bent Tree Activities Committee invites you to join us for our upcoming events and activities! Our incredible group of volunteers stay busy keeping Bent Tree filled with fun opportunities to meet your neighbors. Please be sure you are a member of the Bent Tree website and stay up to date on all things BTAC by using our calendar and the Activities Commitee page! Keep reading to see what's new.

           Poetry Slam Event

           Retro Poetry Slam

           Save the date for Sunday, Aug 20 at 2:00.

           Dress like the 60’s and bring a poem to recite.

           Party like its 1969!

Be sure to stay up to date on all things BTAC on the Bent Tree website here:
Activities - (

Please come visit and fall in love😻😻.
The sweet babies at the shelter get love, food, play and care from the volunteers but it is not like living with their family in a home.We have Kittens up to older cats, all deserving a wonderful home (inside only - too many dangers outside).
Call or text 678-414-1047 to set up a time to visit.

For questions about summer camp or to schedule a trail ride, please call the stables at 706-692-6322

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