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Friday News

Happy Mother's Day to all of our Mothers in Bent Tree, human and animal!

Don't forget to join us for Mother's Day Brunch at Club Tamarack. Reservations required: 770-893-2621.

Public Safety Updates:


The Bent Tree Waste & Recycling Center has a new look! Next time you’re there, please take note of the new signs in place, which better reflect the updated Rules and Regulations regarding the use of the facility. In line with the rules, the new signs specify the ONLY items allowed in the respective compactors. Simply put, anything other than what is listed on the signs is prohibited. The updated Rules and Regulations can be found on the Bent Tree website in the “Important Documents” section. Please find more helpful information regarding our Waste & Recycling Center at the link below.


Board Updates:


        May 16 – Deadline to file or Confirm BTCI Membership (CC&R requirement)
        May 20 - Deadline to file Letter or email of Notice of Intent to Run
            Including two letters of reference signed by BTCI Members
            Signed Board Member Code of Ethics
        May 24 – Submit resume and current photograph for echo
        June 2 -   Submit essay stating reasons for running & visions


This week's featured flyer from our Committees comes from BTAC

To have your flyer featured at the top of Friday News, please submit the request with your Friday News submission. For any questions, please contact Taree at

Mark your calendars and sign up soon. Space is limited.

Other Upcoming Things for Your Calendar!

Mark your calendars for these upcoming events. Please come join us, as a player or even spectator. It’s truly a fun atmosphere. Also be on the lookout for Free Beginner Tennis and Pickleball Clinics. These will be offered on weekdays and weekends, in hopes you’ll be able to fit us in somewhere. You’ll be glad you did. Please reach out to Coach Bob with any questions at 770-883-2623. Hope to see ya soon.

Congratulations to Bobby Gracey & Roger Dennington on winning the 2 Day Member/Member. The weather eventually played out well for us Sunday and everyone was able to get it all in. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Celebrate Mother's Day at Club Tamarack

Treat Mom to a special Mother's Day brunch at Club Tamarack this Sunday, May 12, 2024. Enjoy a delightful spread of brunch favorites in a beautiful setting at Club Tamarack. 


  • Date: Sunday, May 12, 2024
  • Time: 10:30 AM until 2:00 PM
  • Pricing:
    • Adults: $34
    • Ages 6-12: $17
    • Under 5: Free

Reserve your table through The Tavern to secure your spot for this memorable Mother's Day celebration. Show Mom how much she means to you with a delicious brunch and breathtaking views. 770-893-2621

Did we mention a free mimosa for mom?!

News From Bent Tree Realty

189 Frost Pine Circle

1.61 acres 

4 Bedrooms

3 Baths



22 Oak Ridge Court

3 bedrooms

                   4.5 baths                 

3915 sq. ft.

           In-law/teen suite

        Den on terrace level

         Office/Bonus room Exercise/multi-purpose room


News from The Stables

Sitting in a saddle, peeing pooping. Up hill down hill 

There are many rules to observe while on the trail. Sit up tall in the saddle, shoulders back and relaxed lumbar. Keep your feet in the stirrups, have a slight bend in your knee. Both hands should always hold the reins. Use your legs to direct the horse. Squeeze the side of the belly of the horse with both legs and the horse will move forward. If you put pressure on one side of the horse, the horse will move away from the pressure.  Use the reins to reinforce your leg commands. To help the horse while walking, when the horse stops to pee, stand up on the stirrups, this relieves pressure on the horse. When the horse stops to pee or poop announce this to the other riders so all can stop with you on the trail. Another tip to help the horse on the trail is to remember how to sit in the saddle when you go up or down hills. Uphill lean forward toward relieving weight on the horse. Some horses like to quicken the gait going uphill, so they get up there faster. When traveling downhill, give the horse a bit more reins, and sit back a bit, relax your hips. As soon as you are back on level or nearly level ground, resituate yourself so you are firmly in the center of your saddle and in command of the horse. The Trail rides are busiest Friday through Sunday, so for the best selection of dates and times call early or choose Monday through Thursday. Either way, call today to schedule your next ride: (706) 692-6322. See you on the trails!

News from Lake & Wildlife

Bake Sale-🧁🥧 Thank you to all you wonderful bakers who brought us your yummy baked goods. Once again the bake sale was a huge success adding to Tamarack Treasures’ total.

🐟🐠🐟🐠🐟🐠Lake and Wildlife volunteer fish fry is Wed June 5. Please pick up a form at the mail center (inside ), at Sat‘s meeting , or print off the group email.  Any questions text or call LuAnn Chambers 678-414-1047

News from the Activities Committee

Third Monday of each month
The Cottage
May, 20th at 10:30 AM
Promote the enjoyment of the written word.

Attend just once, part-time or every meeting! No requirements!
For more information: or Click Here 

Spring Fling - A Blast from the Past
Get your Groove on at our Annual Pool Opening Event

May 24th at the Upper Pool
Featuring The Rainmen - Click Here to Listen!

$25 per person by reservation only

This is and Adult only event
To make your reservations:

Click Here 
or for more information:

Youth Fest

Wilderness Wonders

2024 Dates: June 30th - July 5th
Preview of Events, Registration Information, Event Registration & Schedule of Events can be found on the Bent Tree website.  Click Here
For more information:

Senior Activities

An Afternoon at Gibbs Gardens

Carpool meets at Admin at 12:00

Lunch at Arbor Cafe at 12:30

Group tour begins at 1:00

Senior Tickets: $18

For more information: or Click Here

Family Pool Party

Upper Pool

Sunday, June 9th 3 - 5PM

FREE EVENT! - RSVP not required

For more information: call Kim Stahlman at 678-858-5073 or Click Here


Beach Party!

Live Music on the Sand

Lake Tamarack Beach

Saturday, June 15th, 7-10 PM

Bring your chairs, beverages and edibles

For more information: or Click Here

For more information about events and all things BTAC visit our committee page on the Bent-Tree website. View Upcoming and Ongoing Events!

Click to view

News from the Animal Shelter


Sweet Potato needs a foster or foster to adopt . She needs to be in a house with no other animals .  Sweet Potato is very sweet with people (we don’t know with children). If you or you know someone experienced with dogs that can be reactive to other dogs and can foster please give us a call. She would do much better in a home than our shelter.

Sweet Callie (kitty) needs a quiet home where she can hang out and get some love every day along with her daily thyroid med. She takes a pill easily twice a day. A little laughing cow cheese is all it takes to put her pill in and she eats it right down. Callie is about 10. Her momma passed away and there was no one to take care of her. She is such a sweet older kitty and would make someone a wonderful buddy. She can be a foster or foster to adopt or adopt.

If you are interested in Sweet Potato, Callie or would like to meet any of our other kitties please call or text 678-414-1047.

There are several families whose cats have gotten out and are lost. If you are seeing a new cat hanging around your house please post on next door and let us know. We can put out a have a heart trap and catch the kitty.

News from Outside the Gates

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