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Friday News

This week's photo submission is from: Judy Lowry

Public Safety Updates:


Having an understanding of the hazards involved in a home fire is a very important part of properly reacting to one. Smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death in home fires, so it is imperative to plan ahead to minimize your family’s exposure to it. Please take the time to follow the link below to access a short video to gain a better understanding of smoke hazards and behavior. Next week, we will follow up with more guidance on home escape plans.


28 Acre Committee Update

As promised in our committee’s 1st article in the Friday News a few weeks ago, we want to continue to involve the community with all the discussions and options being explored for the 28 acres. This is such an important area at the main entrance of Bent Tree due to the first impressions of residents, employees, other Bent Tree visitors, contractors, suppliers and delivery services. Again, our committee was charged with exploring all the options, using the survey as a guide to those options and more. The committee has had several meetings since being formed by our current Board President, Buddy Creef. We have explored all the possible options, looking for maximizing potential new revenue sources for Bent Tree, spending as little as possible and remaining aesthetically pleasing. We have currently come down to two basic options for the property: 1) Leaving it “as is” with residents storing their trailers and small RVs in the back portion of the property 2) Some type of development. Click on the link to see the presentation of those options and a first pass at the pros and cons of those options for consideration. All the other options have issues that take them off the table. One time sale with no recurring revenue, zoning issues, violation of our 501.c4 non-profit status, not aesthetically pleasing, etc. We will be doing a 5-year pro forma (financials) on each active option as we get farther into the details. The septic system is the main issue for any type of development but we see a possible path to a design that would be EPD approvable. We have had several meetings with different developers to gather their thoughts and opinions for any of the development options. We have also met with the County on their possible issues. Our first priority on any of the options is to have Bent Tree spend as little to no money on any of the options as we have many financial needs for our assessment dollars.

We don’t pretend to know all the answers at this point and encourage any thoughts, opinions or suggestions be sent by email to Laird Carmichael and/or Brian Feehan. We will continue to update the findings of the committee to all Bent Tree residents. We will also give updates to the Board and community at some monthly Work Sessions and/or Board meetings. At a more appropriate time, we will also have town halls to present updated findings and conclusions to the community. At a minimum, any changes to the property will require a vote of the community to make any change.

Committee members:

Laird Carmichael--Chair (

Brian Feehan--Board Liaison and Co-Chair (

Rick Patterson

Mary Ann Hoggard

Cathy Rumble

Anthony Young--LAD Chair and LAD liaison

Honorary members:

Buddy Creef—Board President

Jim Pryor—General Manager

Administration Updates:

Board Meeting

The Bent Tree Board of Directors met on Tuesday, April 23. During this meeting, the Board approved final wording for CC&R changes that will be submitted to the residents for approval this fall. The board also adopted the Vision Plan which was developed from the results of the Vision Survey which the community completed in 2023.

During the General Manager’s report, the Board was informed that the spillway bridge is complete as are the renovations to the courts converting two tennis courts into six pickle ball courts.

The Board approved the use of $25,000 for road striping on Tamarack and Little Pine Mountain Roads. This was made possible by the imposition of the Capital Contribution Fee that the community approved in 2023. Through March, the CCF has collected $27,500.

The Board also approved two other budget amendments; one for repairs to the 12th hole tee box on the golf course and one for the replacement of the HVAC system in the admin building.

Dave Stewart reported to the Board on the activities of Bent Tree Activities Committee.

Find a recording here


        May 16 – Deadline to file or Confirm BTCI Membership (CC&R requirement)
        May 20 - Deadline to file Letter or email of Notice of Intent to Run
            Including two letters of reference signed by BTCI Members
            Signed Board Member Code of Ethics
        May 24 – Submit resume and current photograph for echo
        June 2 -   Submit essay stating reasons for running & visions



The dog park will be closed from April 15th- May 1st for upgrades. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

The dog park is coming along nicely and will reopen as planned on May 1st. 

This week's featured flyer from our Committees comes from L&W

To have your flyer featured at the top of Friday News, please submit the request with your Friday News submission. For any questions, please contact Taree at

Other Upcoming Things for Your Calendar!

Mark your calendars for these upcoming events. Please come join us, as a player or even spectator. It’s truly a fun atmosphere. Also be on the lookout for Free Beginner Tennis and Pickleball Clinics. These will be offered on weekdays and weekends, in hopes you’ll be able to fit us in somewhere. You’ll be glad you did. Please reach out to Coach Bob with any questions at 770-883-2623. Hope to see ya soon.

The Thursday scramble will now begin at 5pm with the longer afternoons kicking in! Feel free to call the shop and sign up if you can play.

If you haven’t played in the scramble, we do 9-holes and pair up in teams of 4 each with an A, B, C, D player. We will assign handicaps to each team based on each players 9-hole handicap. Play lasts approximately 2 hours and we announce the winners when everyone comes in.

The cost is $5 per player and appropriate cart fees apply.

Sign up in the golf shop or email

Upcoming Things for Your Calendar!

Wednesday Around the World Save the Date! May 8th for French Countryside 

News From Bent Tree Realty

20 Little Hendrix Peak 

3892 sq. ft.

3 bedrooms

2.5 baths

Bonus room and loft


News from The Stables

Thumper is white and brown paint in color. He is the widest horse in the barn. He has draft horse lineage. Thumper literally smiles at everyone by showing his teeth. He loves a gentle rub on his snout near his nostrils. Thumper is popular amongst the horses and people, which is good because he craves attention. His best friend is Simba and they look like the odd couple because of their size difference. Thumper loves to get dirty and romp around and play. When Thumper and Simba play together, if you pay attention, you can hear them laughing. If this big beast can roll in the sand, he will. He is incredibly gentle and has no idea how big he is. Thumper is motivated by food and gets very excited when food is served, so he needs to be served in his food bucket. He loves all snacks. So, if you bring a donation of carrots or apples to the barn, make sure there is enough for this big boy. Call today to schedule your next visit or ride: (706) 692-6322. See you on the trails!

News from the Activities Committee

Sunset Music

Come watch the sunset and listen to the sounds!
Featuring Kurt Thomas - Click to Listen!
Friday, April 26thOn the Decks at the Lower Pool

Concert starts at 6:30 PM

For more information: or Click Here

L&W presents at Sunset Music

Beautiful native plant containers for your porch or deck! Have a meaningful effect on birds and the insects they need to survive and raise their young and support Lake & Wildlife

Newcomers Welcome!


Join us at Sunset Music
Friday, April 26thOn the Decks at the Lower Pool

Concert starts at 6:30 PM

RSVP to pick up your Bent Tree gift!
For more information: or Click Here

Cinco de Mayo Latin Dance Party 
Professional Instruction - Salsa and Bachata

Club Tamarack Rec Room
May 3rd, 6:00 - 9:00 PM
$10.00 per person - Bring a dish to share
NOW ACCEPTING VENMO PAYMENTS FOR RESERVATIONS @BentTree-ActivityCommittee or reserve and pay at admin

Stop by their table tonight at Sunset Music!
For more information: or Click Here 

Spring Fling - A Blast from the Past
Get your Groove on at our Annual Pool Opening Event

May 24th at the Upper Pool
Featuring The Rainmen - Click Here to Listen!

$25 per person by reservation only


Stop by their table tonight at Sunset Music!
For more information: or Click Here 

Youth Fest

Wilderness Wonders

2024 Dates: June 30th - July 5th

Stop by their table tonight at Sunset Music!
For more information: or Click Here

Senior Activities

An Afternoon at Gibbs Gardens

Carpool meets at Admin at 12:00

Lunch at Arbor Cafe at 12:30

Group tour begins at 1:00

Senior Tickets: $18

For more information: or Click Here

For more information about events and all things BTAC visit our committee page on the Bent-Tree website. View Upcoming and Ongoing Events!

Click to view

News from the Animal Shelter

Thank you to all who have generously donated to our shelter. You are helping save and repair the lives of these babies.

Meet Sweet Potato!  She is about 7 months old and loves everyone she meets. We think she is Bassett hound mixed with boxer  -  Look at her short legs and  turned out front feet 😁.

Thus fuzzy grey kitty is Icarus. He has been hanging around the cottage for a month or so.  Is he your lost kitty???? He likes being combed and petted so belonged to someone.

Please come visit your Bent  Tree Animal Shelter if you are looking to add to your family.  Call or text 678-414-1047 to set up a visit.

News from Lake & Wildlife

MAY Partners Program

They are both in Lake Tamarack. Come for tips on catching both kinds from ‘Huff’ Huffines.  Get updates on the lake fishery from Aquatic Environmental Services (AES), our partners to improve recreational fishing in Lake Tamarack.

Saturday May 4th 9:30 am lower level of Club Tamarack

9 am for coffee, donuts, and fellowship

Free of charge, all residents invited

News from Outside the Gates

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