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Friday News

This week's photo submission is from: Lynn Conrad

Public Safety Updates:

Independence Day Info and Procedures – MUST READ

Youth Week is the busiest time of year for Public Safety. Our officers will be working extremely hard to help ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable week. All Bent Tree residents can assist us and contribute to safe operations by staying informed. Please follow the link below to see everything you need to know regarding Public Safety operations that likely will impact you on July 4th and 5th.

July 4th and 5th Guidance

Administration & Board Updates:

Board Meeting

The Board of Directors met on Tuesday, July 25th.  At that meeting, in addition to approving LAD recommendations, the Board approved the expansion of the Bent Tree Animal Shelter and a budget amendment to implement a plan for marketing the Private Pass Program.  

Please click here for the recording.

Comments to the board should be sent via email to
Comments to administration should be sent to

Board Meeting, June 25, 2024

News From the Courts Pro

Looking forward to YouthFest next week. Have 190+ kids registered for Tennis and Pickleball. It’s gonna be a fun week. Thanks to all the volunteers that make this week a successful event year after year. And a personal Thank you from me, Coach Bob for trusting your children and grandchildren with me to teach them the game while having fun in the process. Things are very exciting here at the Courts. Come by and see for yourself. See ya soon.

Glen Harris shot his age Tuesday with a 78 on the white tees. Congratulations Glen!

The Ladies 9 Hole LGA had their Member Guest June 27th

1st Gross was JoAnne Gracey/Chrisi Shirreffs1st Net was Susan Paul/Linda Fuller
Congratulations ladies!

July Big News: Independence Day Celebration & More!

We’re thrilled to announce some exciting updates for July, starting with our biggest news: we’ll be joining the Independence Day celebration on Friday, July 5th!

We know you'll be out and about all day, and we're here to make sure you're well-fed. Come find us from 3-6 PM with a delicious menu that's sure to satisfy:

  • Quarter Pound Hot Dog - $4
  • Third Pound Burger with Cheese - $5
  • Smoked Kielbasa - $5
  • BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich - $5
  • 20 OZ sodas and water - $3

We can’t wait to celebrate with you and make this Independence Day one to remember. Join us for great food and fun as we enjoy the festivities together!

Family Grill Out Night: July 24th

We’ve decided to change our Scandinavian Night to a Family Grill Out Night! Bring your loved ones and join us for a delightful evening of classic BBQ favorites:

  • Chicken and sausage skewers
  • Grilled cheeseburgers
  • Grilled bangers and brats
  • Roasted corn on the cob
  • Baked potato bar
  • Southern Potato Salad
  • Trinity Slaw
  • Cheesy garlic toast


  • Adults: $19
  • Kids 6-12: $10
  • Kids 5 and under: Free

Prices do not include tax or gratuity. Beverages are extra.

We'll also be offering cocktail, beer, and spirit-free cocktail specials to complement your meal. Mark your calendars for July 24th and join us for an evening of fantastic food and family fun!

Stay tuned for more updates and events happening this month. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to celebrating with you!

News From Bent Tree Realty

189 Frost Pine Circle

1.61 acres

4 Bedrooms

3 Baths



20 Little Hendrix Peak 

3892 sq. ft.

3 bedrooms

2.5 baths

Bonus room and loft


News from The Stables

Meet Simba. 

Simba is a Spanish Mustang. He is a buckskin color and a gelding. Simba has a strong constitution and great feet, which is really important for horses. Simba has a sweet personality and is great with the kids. Simba is an intuitive animal, and once he gets to know someone, he can intuit how they are feeling, and he reacts accordingly. You may not believe that but if you rode him often, you would get it. Simba can relax himself to the point that he can fall asleep fully saddled while waiting for his mount in the arena, so you always want to announce as you approach, just in case he is dreaming. However, Simba does not fall sleep when he has a person sitting on his back (he’s intuitive, remember.) Simba loves a daily head rub on his forehead. While he likes treats such as apples and carrots, he would much rather have physical affection. When he has down time and play time, you will find him rolling in the sand in the arena, just to get good and dirty, while giving himself a full body massage. If you’ve never witnessed this activity, you should; it will make you smile. Come to the stables and donate a snack of raw sweet potatoes, apples or carrots for the horses. Call today to schedule your next visit or ride: (706) 692-6322. See you on the trails!

News from Lake & Wildlife


There is no program on July 6th.

August 3rd – MEET YOUR CREEKS with Georgia Adopt a Stream

WILDLIFE WEDNESDAY this week highlighted Chickadees and Tufted Titmouse. It is also available here!

Partnering with BTCI Communications, these short articles highlight the connections between wildlife, their habitat, and our actions.

News from the Activities Committee

Cart Parade

Get gassed/charged up!

Decorate your cart or vintage vehicle

Thursday, July 4th

Meet at the Tavern at 1:15 PM

Parade starts at 2:00

For more information: Click Here

Bent Tree Road Race

July 4, 2024

Registration Fee: $25 (includes awards)

Registration Information: Runners 2024: Bent Tree Road Race 2024

or registration form available at Admin.

Reservations closed for guaranteed t-shirts.

For more information: or Click Here

Senior Programs

 Get Ready to shout "Bingo"

Wednesday, July 10th

 Club Tamarack Rec Room

2:00 - 4:00

Info: Patrick McMorrow 770-710-1133

 or Click Here


Beach Music

Beach Party!

Live Music on the Sand

Featuring Free Bird

Lake Tamarack Beach

Saturday, July 27th, 7-10 PM

Bring your chairs, beverages and edibles. For more information: or Click Here

Summer Dance Party


Swing Dance Night and More!

Friday, Aug. 2nd, 6pm- 8:30pm

$20 per couple. Bring a dish to share. 

Reserve your spot by Venmo: Click Here for more information. 


For more information about events and all things BTAC visit our committee page on the Bent-Tree website. View Upcoming and Ongoing Events!

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News from the Animal Shelter

“Love overflowing”. That  should be the name of our Bent Tree Animal Shelter.
All our fur babies give us so much love every time we walk in the shelter door. ❤️❤️❤️
Wouldn’t that be great at your house too?
Text or call 678-414-1047 if you would like to meet our kitties and pup at the shelter
If you would like to volunteer or donate also call or text 678-414-1047.

News from Outside the Gates

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