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Friday News

This week's photo is by: Lynn Conrad

Administrative Updates:


The first round of address signs are scheduled to be installed early next week. We apologize on behalf of the contractor who ran into several hurdles along the way for this round. We hope they have now worked out the kinks and expect this process to be much more efficient on our next minimum order. 

Public Safety Updates:


Thank you to those who attended and the residents who contributed their time and money to make the 2ND annual Public Safety Day event a success. Special thanks also to Pickens County FD for bringing their Fire Safety Funhouse to the event. Our goal of providing educational and fun experiences to the community was accomplished. All the stations and activities were very popular, and the kids had a blast! Pictures have been posted on the Bent Tree website and can be viewed with the following link:

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Our 13th Annual Scholarship Tournament is this Saturday October 21st starting at 9am. Lunch is provided and DQ Blizzards will be for sale at $2 each… some sweet prizes will be available as well. Hope you’ll come see how our community is supporting our youth with this tremendous event. And you’ll get to witness some great play on both the tennis courts as well as the pickleball courts.


Please note that there are several inactive FB pages for some Bent Tree amenities. Please click the image to follow the correct BT Courts page. 

Congratulations to the winners of this years Lee Wilson Collegiate Classic, Team Captain Jay Biddle representing the University of Kentucky as well as Brian Orletsky, Mike Moffitt and Roger Dennington. The weather turned out to be great after an iffy start on Saturday and Sunday morning. A big shoutout to John Leach and his crew for preparing the course in the early hours of the morning on Saturday and Sunday, changing cups in the dark, mowing greens and blowing leaves. If you see them this week, make sure to stop by and say thank you!

Couples Club Championship:

Congratulations to Ralph and Theresa Shattock on winning the 2023 Couples Club Championship. Ralph had one of his best rounds, shooting 76, but he couldn't have picked a better partner in Theresa who was able to hold him together coming down the stretch! Russell Smith & Summer Turner took home the Gross prize with a strong 84! Thank you to everyone who participated.

Ralph & Theresa

Russell & Summer


Brian Feehan got a Hole in One during the Club Championship on Hole #4.

Butch Manni got a Hole in one during the Couples Club Championship on hole #4 for his first Hole in One.

Koda Smith got his first one on hole #16 October 10th.

Ted Schlitz got a Hole in One on hole #4 during the Thursday scramble 2 weeks ago.


Please note that there are several inactive FB pages for some Bent Tree amenities. Please click the image to follow the correct BT Golf page. 


Our team has been busy curating new and improved menus! We've completed the lunch menu and it will be released on October 31st. We are excited to offer a little more variety along with your favorites. Soon after the lunch menu launches, we will be releasing the new dinner menu. 


While we strive to provide an array of regular menu items to meet any dietary needs, we know you may still have questions. Should you ever need to know details about preparation, cooking oils, etc, please ask your server to get you connected to a manager. 

News From Bent Tree Realty

News From the Activities Committee

Stay up to date with all things BTAC on the Bent Tree website! Just click the button for our committee page. 

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Volunteers available at the Mail Center for one more Saturday! If you have questions or need submission assistance, stop by between 10 am and noon.


Sunday and Monday, 

Nov 12- 13

"Murder at the Big Ta Doo"
Spontaneous Improvisation for Everyone20 tickets per night available.

Dress: Semi-Formal or Formal

$20.00 pp for upscale appetizers and champagne toast.

Tickets will go on sale at the Tavern - Stay Tuned


Sunday, Dec. 3 at 2pm

Bent Tree Dulcimers Info- Concert
Fireside Lounge - Learn about the dulcimer and enjoy a holiday concert
Only 25 seats available- Free

Wednesday, Dec 13 at 7:00pm

"A Cozy Christmas Concert"
Bent Tree Jazz/Pop Combo in Concert
Dining Room at Club Tamarack capacity 90
Christmas music and sing-a-long
Free concert
Dry animal food or cat litter requested
For our BT Animal Shelter and Pickens Animal Shelter

News from the Animal Shelter

This brother and sister are such sweet kittens. All of our kittens just love to be held and loved on. We have 3 other kittens and 13 other cats ranging from maybe a year to about 10 years old. Always an age estimate from the vet.

We spay/ neuter/chip and get their shots before adopting. 
Please come meet our wonderful shelter cats and kittens.
Thank you for your donations!  We operate only by donation and volunteers.

If you would like to contact to visit or have any questions, call or text 678-414-1047

*** a long-haired cat was found this week and brought to the shelter **** if you have lost or know of a long haired black lost cat let us know.

News from Lake & Wildlife


Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-bakers' man, bake me a cake as fast as you can!

Yes, it is time again to bake up goodies for our Tamarack Treasures Bakery Nov. 11 at Club Tamarack. We have been delighted by the delicious treats that have been donated for this fund raiser and we know this time will be just as great.

Bring items on Friday Nov 10 to Club Tamarack from 9am-4pm. If you need a different time let us know. Call or text LuAnn Chambers with questions. 678-414-1047.

Other News

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