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Friday News

This week's photo submission is from: Chip Wells

Public Safety Updates:


Unfortunately, we received word that the Wildcat Community did not receive funding in this round of grant awards for the Community Wildfire Defense Grant. The current round of grants were primarily awarded to areas in western states that were determined to be higher priority by the federal government. While this is disapointing, it is not the end of the process. Our grant submission made it past very crucial rounds of approval, and we are grateful to the Wildcat Community representatives for their great efforts to make that happen. We are hopeful that the Wildcat Community’s grant will receive funding in the next round of awards, which would benefit our community in the final quarter of this year.

We would like to express our appreciation to the residents of Bent Tree for their overwhelming interest and participation in the grant. Our community set the standard and served as a model for others to follow during the signup process. It is apparent that community fire safety is a major priority to our residents, as it should be. Please remember the Firewise principles that were presented during this process, and take the basic, inexpensive steps necessary to protect your homes from wildfire as we wait for updates in the months ahead. There is no need for anyone who has already signed up for the grant to do so again.

The current list will remain active.

For a reminder about very simple steps to take to protect your homes from wildfire, please follow the link below to one of our favorite educational videos.


Administration & Board Updates:

Board Meeting

The Bent Tree Board of Directors will be holding a Monthly Board Work Session on Tuesday, May 21st in the Recreation Room at Club Tamarack at 9 am.

This is an in person meeting and will be videoed for later viewing.

A link of the recorded meeting will be sent out next Friday in the Friday News.  

Please click here for the agenda.

Comments to the board should be sent via email to
Comments to administration should be sent to


        May 16 – Deadline to file or Confirm BTCI Membership (CC&R requirement)
        May 20 - Deadline to file Letter or email of Notice of Intent to Run
            Including two letters of reference signed by BTCI Members
            Signed Board Member Code of Ethics
        May 24 – Submit resume and current photograph for echo
        June 2 -   Submit essay stating reasons for running & visions


The 2024 Bent Tree Board of Directors has been focused on a number of initiatives intended to reduce the cost of operations and/or to find additional sources of revenue.  The question that needs to be addressed is why?  Why would the board see the need to do that? An email was sent earlier this week with a link to a white paper that is intended to address that question.  It is authored by Buddy Creef, Ralph Morse, and Melissa Leach.  If you do not have one, a copy of the white paper can be downloaded here.  Please review it and plan to attend one of the two town hall meetings that will be held to discuss it with the community.  Town Halls will be at 6:30PM on Thursday, May 30 in the Rec Room at Club Tamarack and on Saturday, June 1st at 11:00AM after the Lake and Wildlife Meeting. 

Thank you

Buddy Creef


News From the Courts Pro

Our Senior Spectacular Pickleball Social was another success as 28 players (70 and 80 year olds) took to the courts for some fierce competition. It’s great fun to witness the competitive nature in our more mature athletes. Please come by the Courts to learn how easy it is to learn this sport. You’ll be glad you did.

Other Upcoming Things for Your Calendar!

Mark your calendars for these upcoming events. Please come join us, as a player or even spectator. It’s truly a fun atmosphere. Also be on the lookout for Free Beginner Tennis and Pickleball Clinics. These will be offered on weekdays and weekends, in hopes you’ll be able to fit us in somewhere. You’ll be glad you did. Please reach out to Coach Bob with any questions at 770-883-2623. Hope to see ya soon.


Now that the golf season is in full swing and the course is getting busier, we are seeing an increase in the number of people that have decided to take it upon themselves to play the course without checking in at the pro shop or making a tee time online or over the phone. Please see the rules below which can be found on the Bent Tree website under “Important Documents” and “Rules & Regulations”. Please note, we will have marshals on the course this summer checking on play. They will have access to the tee sheet and will make a note of anyone on the course that should not be out there.  

From Page 24 & 25 of Rules and Regs:


a.      All players must register in the Golf Pro Shop prior to play.   

b.      All play will begin on #1 tee unless otherwise authorized by the golf professional.


  1. First offenders will be issued a letter of warning from the Golf and Greens Committee and the letter will state the offense in question and remain in file.
  2. Upon a second offense, BTCI will assess the responsible Property Owner/Designated Member a fine and/or loss of golf privileges until the fine is paid.
  3. Any subsequent violation occurring after the second violation will result in loss of golf privileges for an amount of time to be determined by the Golf and Greens Committee.
  4. Appeals of fines and/or loss of privileges may be made to the Board in writing, no more than 30 days after notice of the offense has been received. The Board’s decision shall be final.

A letter will be going out directly from the golf committee to anyone who has violated these rules.

Kind Regards,

Patrick Higgins,

Head Golf Professional,

Bent Tree Golf Club,

Jasper, GA 30143.


Sign up in the golf shop or email


       Get ready Karaokeans, for an unforgettable night of crazy fun, dancing,
and musical entertainment! 🎤🎶

       ✅Mark your calendars now!

             SATURDAY, JUNE 8th
             Bent Tree Tavern
             6:00 to 9:00 PM

       Don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy “specialty” drinks, dinner and bar menus that will be provided for your pleasure. 🍷🍗🍕🥗🫕🍸🍛🍺🍤🥙

     🎉 Make sure to spread the word to all your friends and family and please remember to make table reservations!
     We wish for a large attendance and can’t wait to see you all again!

       Note: If you make a reservation, and t
later decide not to come, please cancel your reservation so that others can use your table.
                   🎶 Jack & Jan Davis
                           Karaoke  Hosts😃😂🎤

Upcoming Things for Your Calendar!

News From Bent Tree Realty

22 Oak Ridge Court

3 bedrooms

4.5 baths

3915 sq. ft.

In-law/teen suite

Den on terrace level

Office/Bonus roomExercise/multi-purpose room


189 Frost Pine Circle

1.61 acres

4 Bedrooms

3 Baths



News from The Stables

Bent Tree Stable Riding Summer Camp starts next month. It sold out again this year. Thanks to all who helped promote it and have friends or family enrolled in the camp. We appreciate you. As you realize, there will be lots of young people at the barn daily for weeks, and then there is Youth Fest sandwiched in between the camps. It's a busy time at the barn. We love exposing children to the equestrian world.If you have free time on your hands and want to help during this time, call or email us. Keep Safety First -- top of mind in all you do. Safety for animals and people.We need folks who can do the following:

  1. Brush horses
  2. Clean hooves before and after trail rides
  3. Clean training equipment
  4. Clean Muck stable stalls
  5. Clean water buckets
  6. Fill water buckets
  7. Spread new shavings in stables
  8. Assemble, prepare, and store horse tack
  9. Feed horses according to schedule
  10. Gather empty hay bags
  11. Fill hay bags
  12. Hang hay bags on fences
  13. Distribute hay flakes or bales (as needed)
  14. Fill horse water troughs.
  15. Clean helmets
  16. Check fences, gates and locks for repairs and safety
  17. Clean classroom and keep it organized
  18. Keep bathrooms stocked 
  19. Throw waste away in proper receptacles

News from the Activities Committee

Third Monday of each month
The Cottage
May, 20th at 10:30 AM
Promote the enjoyment of the written word.

Attend just once, part-time or every meeting! No requirements!
For more information: or Click Here   

Spring Fling - A Blast from the Past
Get your Groove on at our Annual Pool Opening Event

May 24th at the Upper Pool
Featuring The Rainmen - Click Here to Listen!

$25 per person by reservation only

To make your

Peace, Love & Burgers

Order deadline is 5:00 - May 20th
The Tavern is offering the perfect sides!All items available A-la-carte

Call the Tavern at: 770-893-2621
View the menu: Click Here

Bent Tree Road Race
July 4, 2024
Registration Fee: $25 (includes awards)Registration Information: Runners 2024: Bent Tree Road Race 2024 or registration form available at Admin
For more information: or Click Here

Youth Fest

Wilderness Wonders

2024 Dates: June 30th - July 5th
Preview of Events, Registration Information, Event Registration & Schedule of Events can be found on the Bent Tree website.  Click Here
For more information: 

Senior Activities

An Afternoon at Gibbs Gardens


Carpool meets at Admin at 12:00

Lunch at Arbor Cafe at 12:30

Group tour begins at 1:00

Senior Tickets: $18

For more information: or Click Here


Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9 - 10 AM

Begins Memorial Day

Upper Pool

Bring your pool noodles...$3 per session.  

Please bring your BT pool pass to your first visit.  

Email for more information.

Family Pool Party

Upper Pool

Sunday, June 9th 3 - 5PM

FREE EVENT! - RSVP not required

For more information: call Kim Stahlman at 678-858-5073 or Click Here


Club Tamarack Dining Room

Saturday, June 8th 5-7 PM

Sunday, June 9th 5-7 PM

Call backs Monday, June 10, if necessary 5-7pm

Auditions will be cold readings from the script. Show up, read, leave. Just that easy!

For more information:  Click Here

 Beach Party!

Live Music on the Sand

Lake Tamarack Beach

Saturday, June 15th, 7 - 10 PM


Bring your chairs, beverages and edibles

For more information: or Click Here


For more information about events and all things BTAC visit our committee page on the Bent-Tree website. View Upcoming and Ongoing Events!

Click to view

News from the Animal Shelter

How is a cool cat like me going to get rest with someone always wanting my picture? I know I am beautiful as well . If you want to make an appointment to meet me contact my secretary at 678-414-1047.  My name is Idris and I can introduce you to the other cats here too. I know them all. They all worship me😻. Yes you may bring me treats.

News from Lake & Wildlife

June Partner Program June 1

NASA Solar System Ambassador Stephen Rahn will present "Fascinating Facts about our Nearest Star." With photos and videos of our Sun,  Stephen will share how energy and light are formed deep inside the Sun's surface. Hear how animals use the stars for navigation, and the impact of the Moon on the Earth. Then head outside (weather permitting) to see the Sun using specially designed solar telescopes and binoculars with filters that allow you to view the Sun in a completely safe way.

Saturday June 1st 9:30 am lower level of Club Tamarack

9 am for coffee, donuts, and fellowship

The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.

 —Galileo Galilei

🐟🐠🐟🐠🐟🐠Lake and Wildlife volunteer fish fry is Wed June 5. Please pick up a form at the mail center (inside ), at Sat‘s meeting , or print off the group email.  Any questions text or call LuAnn Chambers 678-414-1047

News from Outside the Gates

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